VoiceThread Final Assignment

17 Apr

VoiceThread Final Assignment

I wrote a song for my final assignment… Weird, but I wanted to make it interesting and fun! Take a look!


Mentorship Interview

15 Apr

In this video, I outline my mentorship interview.

My mentor: John Fladd (@woodenmask on Twitter)
His blog:

Inspired by Google Hangout

10 Apr

Did a Google Hangout with my mentor last night and he sent me an email this morning about how he is already experimenting more with Google Hangout. I’ve never been told that I inspired someone before! Good feeling! I replied and asked him to let me know how he uses it in his classroom.

Unfortunately, my Google Hangout did not record as I did it on the Google Plus app on my phone (which I really enjoy having now!). So I will make a video on my interview with my mentor on the weekend.

Last week of university people! Home stretch!

Good luck.



Tech Task #11

3 Apr

The things that inspired my future elementary classroom are:

1) Having a Flickr account that parents can see (inspired by Heather Durnin). I would connect it to a classroom Twitter account that parents could follow as well. I think this would really keep me accountable as a teacher to be doing lots of hands-on learning, experiments, learning games, and interactive play. Since parents could get updates at any time during the day, they could then pick up their child after school and say “Hey, I saw you were learning about motion today in Science class! What did you learn?”, which would start a nice dialogue for parents and their children. The only issue I can foresee with this is getting permission to post these pictures online, but ultimately, I could make our classroom Twitter private and our Flickr private as well, only allowing parents to follow those accounts. 

2) I also like the idea of collaboration, which Heather, Royan, and Clarence all discussed in different ways. My favourite way? Skyping with classrooms from all around. I love the idea of doing a novel study with another classroom. Students could make blog’s (discussed by Kathy Cassidy) and do reading responses to the novel on their blogs. The other classroom that is also doing the novel study could read them and respond however they choose. I came up with the idea of using VoiceThread in the exact same way. Students could make artwork, poetry, videos in response to the novel. 

3) On the topic of Kathy’s discussion on students of any age having a blog: I love this idea! Creating their own little online personalities! I think that this could be a really incredible way to assess students in many different aspects (Writing, Spelling, Oral Language, French, the possibilities are endless). The students could create their own blogs that they could work on at home or at school. Nothing personal would need to go on the blogs, but they could start learning about creating online profiles for themselves safely (like Alec Couros discussed). Parents could also log on and see what their child was up to!

4) Love the idea of making thinking books (avec Royan Lee here). Every child should be able to doodle, create, wonder, and think about what’s going on in life. Students need to understand what is going on in the world around them, and I believe that knowing that starts with their own selves. I used to have to write a “journal” throughout the week for my high school English class. Sometimes it was song lyrics, sometimes it was my to do list, sometimes it was doodles. All that would happen is that at the end of the week, the teacher would look at it and give me a checkmark for completing it. Whether or not I would mark my students’ thinking books is undecided, but I love the idea of having an incredible memory at the end of the year. Similar to having a portfolio (which is what my students in my internship had), only completely self-regulated. 

That’s what I have… so far!

Thanks for listening,


The Age Old Question: Mac vs. PC!

26 Mar

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy a new laptop to use for school, but primarily to use for education/teaching purposes. I want a computer that is good for making lessons, organization, and perhaps that has possible tools to use in the classroom already on it. Garage Band really appeals to me on the Mac, but if you know of other programs that basically do the same thing on a PC let me know.

My only hesitation getting a Mac is that I currently have a PC. I don’t want to have to spend a long time trying to figure out how my computer works, I just want to be able to use it. How long did it take you to get used to your Mac computer?

I already asked this question on Twitter, so if you want, you can tweet me at @shelbyengele or leave a comment with your opinion in the comments below!

Thanks everyone,



Tech Task #10

25 Mar

I talk super fast…

Thanks so much to:

Heather Durnin (@hdurnin) &

Royan Lee (@royanlee) &

Clarence Fisher (@glassbeed) &

(Sorry, I don’t know how to hyperlink them when posting a video! Let me know in the comments below!)

Tech Task #9

15 Mar

Just saying, I love how “google” is now a verb. So I “googled” myself, and what I found did not shock me in any way. I knew my Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest would come up. There’s my Instagram, my old Tumblr, and that’s about it! 

In the future, I hope to see a testimonial or quote from me on a volunteer site. I want to volunteer somewhere in Africa, Columbia, or in a Middle Eastern country. I want to experience teaching in another country because I think it’ll be extremely beneficial for me to grow as a teacher. Teaching in Regina is wonderful, but I never want to look back on my life and realize “I haven’t gone anywhere else but here to teach”. 

I also hope to see a classroom blog run by me! I want to have a classroom blog where I can take pictures of the kids (with parents’ permission), their school work, and post classroom updates. I want a place for parents to be able to connect with what their children are doing in school. So many times, kids go home, parents say “What did you do/learn at school today, dear?” and their child says: “Nothing.” Having a classroom blog will definitely help parents see that, no, I am not teaching their children NOTHING. I am teaching them lots of things, in lots of ways. It would also be a cool way to get the students involved. Perhaps having a “Student of the Week” that gets to post their very own blog post on our classroom blog about anything that they want.

Those are my aspirations right now!

Talk to you soon,



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